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scientiphika – devil in a new dress freeverse lyrics



you can’t say i never cared for you, when ya moms passed i was there for you, when you told me she had cancer my shirt dried your tears for you, calling me while you were drunk, i leant an ear to you, talking that n+ggas ain’t sh+t when the same could be said for yourself, i take that back, though my mans told me you were a concubine, i thought otherwise, maybe i could make you mine, we first met in the courtyard i mistook you for someone else, a year later we got to communicating, admittedly i was l+stful, at first just wanting to f+ck you, it was homecoming, you wore that red dress which exaggerated your features, grinding on me, aggravating the teachers, i switched districts, now i haven’t seen you in some months, over snapchat we’re reconnecting, here’s where it became vexing, my god sister let me borrow her whip, i left my phone at her crib, picked you up around six, we shared a booth at dragon palace, you had sushi, i had the spare ribs, believing you was my spare rib, mood was goofy, you ordered something for your sister, i was cool with that, cruising back to ya place playing photograph, shared a kiss in your driveway, i watched you go inside not knowing that’d be the last time i’d see you, the ride home was delightful, then i checked my phone and became spiteful, how you gonna play me, only wanting to be friends, what is you crazy? that july i went through it, looking back i feel stupid for ever wasting time on you, why’d i ever lay my eyes on you, that’s why i had to sever ties with you, even though it hurt i’m thanking you cuz you helped me find my worth, thesedays i’m putting myself first, its joy in my own company, i’m doing great if you’re wondering, no hard feelings really i just had to get this off my chest, to that devil in the red dress, i wish you the best