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scott decarlo – havin’ a good time lyrics


havin’ a good time

cinderella put your shoes on
we’ll be out past midnight
tell your sisters they can lock the door
it’s gonna be one h-ll of a night
we’ll be poppin tops, shots and rockin with the radio
tailgate dancin and postin up the video
redefining the good time
crossing boundary every line

when we’re under big city lights and backcountry roads
the good time comes easy
we don’t need a sat-rday night to throw down
or for good southern whisky to go down
just a cool bunch of friends with y’all right here
if we’re lucky we won’t burn the place down
havin a good time
havin a good time

drinks flowing it won’t be long
til everybody’s singing along
string top girls cut up jeans and curls
dancin in the back of my truck
with their real rough boys making lots of noise
screaming everybody i wanna rock