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scourge of calamity – broken vessel lyrics


[verse 1]
we were broken, left to die
cast aside, now here we lie
far below in the abyss
he said ignorance is bliss
one time, long ago
he needed a son, pure of mind
one of our kind

[verse 2]
now you will fall by our hands
we can’t escape these wretched lands
we thought that he had loved us so
he never loved us, now we know
the voices will cry out so far
but we can’t fix our broken scars
[verse 3]
when we lost our souls
(he threw out our lives)
we lost all control
(infection creeping in like slime)
he will pay the toll
(one time long ago)
one time, long ago

[verse 4]
one time long ago
he made us, and we
fell to the abyss
and fell so far that
we could not
ever be found

we’re broken, yet we’re to blame
now look at what we became