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sean price – tell e mundo lyrics


[verse one]
i ain’t a player i just make a lot
take a shot with a vacant lot, drug worker make a spot
agallah beats make the earth quake a lot
i get my d-ck sucked so much my head ache a lot
you b-tch n-ggas on the ave like to fake a lot
i got more weed than all them jamaicans got
phil jackson trade shaq, who the lakers got?
next year it’s the knicks in six, we make it hot
telephone, tell a friend, tell e mundo
not a puerto rican but i’m speaking so that you know
when it come to rhyming sean price numero uno
when it come to k!lling agallah, kicking your culo
i don’t give a f-ck you got a yacht or a few boats
do pot or you do c0ke in a drop over hugo
still come through and bust a shot through your two do’
all you see is blood and feathers leaking out your new coat
shorty wop is young but on the low she kinda cute though
we f-ck, don’t tell b-tch i can’t b-ttafuoco
might see me clowning on the ‘ville, only a few know
how a n-gga get down when his motherf-cking [?]

yo, telephone, tell a friend, tell e mundo
ruck and agallah, black and puerto rican duo
hottest thing popping since the jacksons and menudo
beats, rhymes and lifestyle, we keep it true though

[verse two]
i ain’t a rapper i just take time
with a pad and a pen, a bag of weed and i make rhymes
y’all hate mine that’s what i’m hearing through the grapevine
but with or without y’all n-ggas i’mma make mine
why waste time responding about this and that?
yadda yadda yadda, get your gat
duke, i’m straight sick with that
smoke weed through a checkpoint cause my plates say diplomat
y’all n-ggas ain’t reaching the kids
ya f-ggot f-ck, adebisi lives