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see it my way – burst & decay lyrics


it’s okay i don’t blame you; there’s more to life than this
though i can’t recall the last time you took a risk
to make a stand with a helping hand
instead you walked away from all of us + far from yourself

emptiness is all you know
when you fall right from above
to a casket of your lies that led you so high
empty words are all you hear when there’s no one but your fears
yes, it’s all just in your head while you burst and decay

will you ever make a difference?
blank stare, i thought we cut all ties
tried to see it from a different pеrspective:
“the onе that tries is the one that dies”

you’re plagued with doubts
and even though i try to scream and shout you’re still down and out

a few years from now
you might see the life you had and the light that’s faded out;
it has faded out