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senzawa – ​i turned a bad copypasta into a bad rap again lyrics


well, here we go again..

gomenasai, my name is ken-sama
but your waifu? (yeah) she call me dad-sama
forever 17, your husbando dream (woo!)
gaijin blood, a raging s-x machine
trainin’ everyday with my katana (fwah!)
folded edges, taste the rising sun-a
reppin’ the kanji and osaka dialects
y’know my 2d b-tch, she deserves respect
fillin’ out my visa application
bowing to all the elders in the u.s. nation
wrapped in the finest silk known to man (ayy!)
ya better wish me luck while i’m in j-pan!

arigato, b-tch
that’s “thank you” for all you gaijin
(where the f-ck are his arms?)