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seraphim – spring wind lyrics


spring wind

riot is acting soundless, a horror monument
in darkness, bury the horizon, ghost fire enrage to h-ll

flames of anger keep burning the gloomy road to heaven and hades
repeal the back of nameless silence that totally disgrace upon my sadness

moaning cruelly in the night, interminate till i die
complex creatures, go inside the heart of a wasted land

a p-ssive thought, looking for a remote illusion that never disappears
in sign of the time, adherent the shaking body pour into the dark night

my agitation sneaks into the night, life as cold as a hard stone in fantasy
look on p-ssage of time, never ending embellishment in my hearts

vacillating lonely shadow, prisoner of your heart, have no return
i read myself silently, lonesome and fool away in springwind s dance of death

the gloomy thunderbolt and lightning shine on the crude abode
spirit in maps with the deep dark eye, icy tears in snowy night

a shout out screaming that echo s ringing in the thousands of magical labyrinth
the cry of anger from a thriller seems like a hunter losing his way in the forest

shining glow of sunlight, come into a sudden death
torrent of destiny, drifting down to the precipice

flicker of echo, reach for the hazy moonlight and milky way in spring wind
the glorious memory, fly high to endless galaxy, to light a brilliant dead fire