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sevendust – story of your life lyrics


(express) what you think it is i wanna hear
(only – time) will tell if you will ever see (it my way)
i can bring you back if you can handle some
(roundhouse) kicks from your conscience
sit back there’s more to come
can’t you see it’s not what you can it’s
(the story of your life – walkin through it blind)
never see the answers
(running out of time)
always expecting something
(the story of your life)
all the questions point to you
(respect) something that i’ll never give to you
(you’ll never learn) until you come to grips with me
(you’re not the only) one who breathes the air here
for all to share
(f-cked up) choice if you think i’m gonna take this lyin down
step back slowly – there’s no help for you here
(cause you’re the only)
one who can get you through this its
[chorus (repeat)]
something you just don’t understand
(no respect) (rejected) (no acceptance) (justice)