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sfmb_cj lyrics lyrics


x2 and you know i’m turing up i got a deauce up in my cup i don’t really give a f-ck af cuz all my n-ggas thirtyd up
i be chillin with yo b-tch she say she trynna get a nut i’m up in school i got yo hoe she trynna f-ck me ona bus

and you know i’m turing up i got that juice up in my cup boy this ain’t no fruit this sh-t get you stupid on the bus heard yo b-tch be scoopin hit her line she hooping it was clutch like a p–per scooper she ain’t sh-t to me that b-tch a dutch i be rapping stacking, chilling wit my n-ggas we the gang foenem renegades we not lacking beef with any gang i be at her neck all in school she swinging like chain i’m smoking opp you smoking dope are sh-t don’t taste the same gotta b-tch she gotta friend and you know we turning up pistoles hot like a forest fire you know we burning up in the party can’t tell me sh-t you know i’m turning up b-tches on me y’all was dry asl y’all know i turnt it up gang