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sha kotto – it happened lyrics


[into: sha kotto]
i don’t lost a few homies man, told damani i’d bleed on this track, we blood
east side(till i die!)

[verse 1]
the work cruel trying to get that sh-t straight when i was a younging lost my big homie kemebe
i ain’t these n-ggas from the start these n-ggas been snakes, i ain’t seen a real n-gga yet they all been fake
i hit the track harder then a running back, you taking y’all time talking about some run it back
i can make you nauseous so you couldn’t stomach that. get up on the track just so i could freaking spazz, nah –
im’ma bleed on this, tell you all about my homies and my dream in this
im just trying to make a meal trying to eat in this, these n-ggas is my sons like my seed in this
n-gga ill split yo toupee, turns out allot of n-gga is two faced
i lost my n-gga simba over some freaking cool grey’s but listen lil homie we handle it two ways

[bridge 1]
it’s peace or war, if these n-ggas want the beef what they breathing for
i done did on my own i done lead the war, yeah i said this a leaders form

i know that you know me, you know all my homies
my hair is puled back and i look like heroki(3x)

[verse 2]
momma forgive me, i’m doing my thing with my homies(3x) they rolling it with me
yall really dont get it im k!lling my flow and im k!lling my flow o be spitting
you n-ggas is listening think that yall dope but yall really ain’t n-gga just get
n-gga just get it!
they tell me to cop it, i know that im nasty i know that im hot
i know that they think that they dope but they gone flop
and i really have to – make it
see these n-ggas fake and they think that they got it
they really ain’t got me i promised these n-ggas that i ain’t gone stop it till that reaper coming to cop me
my n-gga i’m ghost – i’m ghost
i’m back and i’m acting r-t-rd you n-ggas is acting like hoes
i ain’t down for that sh-t, flow so amazing trying do my thing man until i mother fu–ing make it

[bridge 2]
easy easy easy
they told me to hop on a track so i hopped on a track and a n-gga start bleeding

i know that you know me, my hair is pulled back like heroshi
i’m k!lling it lowkey, i know that you know me
you know all my homies, i look like heroshi