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shaimay shah – #oldschoolvsnewschool lyrics


[1st verse: shaimay shah]
they say i’m from the new school, i say i’m here to better it
along with kendrick, my business executive and i’m well equipped
i’ll cast a shadow over this game
so these fakers are hidden and forbidden to get some more fame
i’m not the rap king or god
that’s lamar’s and slim’s job
i’m the tactician and i’m here to throw some fission bombs
and sicken the witless with my illness and shout at ’em
“try to beat this!”
my lyrics go beyond fear and darkness
my flows leaking so get me some enforcements
so i can fill my compartments
i can’t believe take care got an xl from rolling stone
i listened to that tape and puked while going home
people say slim’s done
i say “no!”
he’s still got a lotta stones to throw
and i’ve still gotta lotta years to grow bigger than my foes
so i say “take care” to them
but i’m still being fair to them, so squeeze it
and hold it and don’t let it go!

[hook: sunaina mehta]
this is the moment
tonight is the right time
so squeeze it and hope that
you get frozen with time!

[2nd verse: shaimay shah]
so 2nd verse starts
i’m already tearing them apart
seizing their raps part by part
i cannot fail
because this art has started to depart
even though it had a running start
but its falling apart
rip biggie and 2pac
the guy living in the k-mart mansion has taken charge
i’m trying to recharge this game
not for the fame
i’m here to put wayne, chainz, drake to shame
their lame raps enrage me
and makes me want to smash their rib cage
but i’m the rap messiah
and this game’s gotta go higher
fly into full speed mode and i’m tryna try harder
rap depends on my career
and the batmobile is my vehicle
oh wait! i’m bane so i get the bicycle
but i’m gonna freeze this game
and put it under icicles
until someone comes with heat in their raps so it starts to trickle
see thats what everyone is waiting for
and i’ll adore the person who does that
so for now, seize it and freeze it and don’t let it go

[hook: sunaina mehta]

[3rd verse: shaimay shah]
today’s rap is not real hip hop
so guys sit and fold your legs criss cross
yeah you too rick ross
the clock goes tick tock
my mind is like a robot
cuz i managed to get you freaks here like a sheep flock
let me take you to the ship dock
so i can throw you into the sea
don’t forget your flip flops
the water is cold is it not?
my next stop is the thrift shop
i’m here to meet macklemore
wait a second, i’ll finish this cheap shot
you start figuring out the combination to this key lock
the first time i did
it made my skin pop
and gave me goosebumps and i just couldn’t stop
i am here to bring some change to this world
cuz there is some time left but it won’t be long until rap is a full stop
so squeeze it and freeze it and don’t let it go

[hook: sunaina mehta]