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shano – moot point lyrics



bring it to me (yeah)
throw it back
remember as a kid, i was tryna rap
five years later i’m still doin’ that (yeah)

[verse 1]
tools were handed to me as a kid i had to kick it off
can’t hear you, you wack wannabe, b-tch you’re getting soft
it’s the valentino vampire
hearin’ someone talkin’ sh-t i’ll pull my pants high
veron gets the gasoline, then i spit fire
i’m the one who’s real here, you’re a bunch of f-cking trash liars
give my props, i’d say you’re preaching to the d-mn choir
man, i can’t cope with no one, they got sh-tty work ethics
i work nine to five, finish the song, and then veron edits
months after we go in and make a new remix
didn’t see, then maybe now you’ll see this
yeah, yeah, yeah
had enough, want my props now, mean boy
when i say the words, yeah they stick now
got my day ones, yeah, i ride with a clique now
poon tang finna slay with my chick now
coughs when i hit it back, that’s a sick plow
tip ten cents, i like dimes and the big coins
jesus christ wrapped in a h-ll joint
when you spit your sh-t it’s a moot point (haha)

[2x chorus]
bring it to me (yeah)
throw it back
remember as a kid i was tryna rap
five years later i’m still doin’ that (yeah)