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shaquees – cashapp lyrics


imma be f#cking on this little b#tch when she getting off work imma put in work on the lil b#tch back i love the way she arch it i can’t believe yo favorite rapper is all cap in all caps facts but these n#ggas act like they know me you don’t even know me and these b#tches act like they know me but you don’t know how long it took me to get this far i had to get it up by a n#gga lonely these n#ggas act hard til i start sprang a n#gga ankles you want move right after i’m done b#tch you dumb you against me its like world war 3 when i come with the blastin
i just bought a ap it fits my wrist i just love cashin go to the strip club pop a bottle with 50 racks in my robin jeans a few b#tch wanna hop on a n#gga lap and the b#tch ask me for her nails to be done and i said cashapp cause i got it like that straight facts b#tch