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shawn james – captain stormalong lyrics


[verse 1]
sailing on a ship, tuscarora was her name
we hinged her masts to avoid catching the moon
captain stormalong led us through the seas
he was a giant of a man who stood thirty foot tall
he cried onward past the winds, forward past the storms
feat not my brothers no grave will catch our fall
see, i was born of the sea and raise on the sh-r-
kissed by the rain and blessed by poseidon’s fork

[verse 2]
now on one fateful day smooth waters all around
our captain hatched a master plan
he’d rid the seas of that kraken beast
this time he vowed would be it’s last stand
with a storm on the rise we took it by surprise
and caught it in a m-ssive whirlpool’s web
unable to retreat from it’s unending defeat
the souls of sailors rejoiced unbroken

[verse 3]
now everyone’s asking what became of stormalong
truth is n-body knows
some legends claim to hold the final truths
but no one knows but davy jones
davy jones, davy jones, no one knows
but davy jones, davy jones