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shiki (tmns) – all roads lead to tohno lyrics



[verse 1]:
few little n-ggas have tried this beat, all have failed
skeptical of a n-gga grind? this ain’t a spell
n-ggas tryna f-ck with the king, no way in h-ll
me and you we are not the same
bruh y’all can’t tell?

it’s the god of the k!lling spree beat if y’all touched this track expect defeat
upper echelon haters sit at our feet
stomping peons dreams everyday with cleats
y’all see a new upcoming mcee on the scene n-gga all i see is a feast
’bouta eat n-ggas to the bone y’all ain’t going home treat rap beef like we in da mid east

but that’s if i cared enough
but honestly all n-ggas do is bluff
say i’m c-cky don’t give a f-ck
say i’m p-ssy won’t run it up
n-ggas talkin’ that tough stuff won’t try they luck against the best siscon on the scene
when it come to k!lling spree kryciz only n-gga f-ckin’ with me runner up ag (yeah)

when i drop a track they like what the h-ll happened
my mixtape release like releasing the kraken
say tohno be snappin’ i should be relaxin’
nah f-ck i’m swaggin’ y’all behind y’all laggin’
k!ll beats on reaction you ain’t in my faction
if you ain’t uchiha your skull i be crackin’
my stats so op like my perks i be stackin’
no lackin’ i tell my imoutos with p-ssion

n-ggas just actin’, say they support what happened
now i got some buzz, now all of a sudden i’m braggin’
y’all ain’t show me love when i was first starting and grindin’
i’ve always been real guess y’all need some remindin’

well f-ck them n-ggas and b-tches too
switching sides that’s what haters do
still sleeping on an ecchi brother like i just slipped ’em some quaaludes
revelations of the rap game coming soon n-gga this the prelude
don’t know what y’all gonna do but you need a new kami to pray to

n-ggas been asleep for a long time you’ll rarely find a track list long as mine
every rhyme i get a new co sign, n-ggas claim they sick just benign
ya gurl stare at my d-ck ’cause she want mine
n-ggas hate my grind want my shine
came in changed up paradigms of what y’all call ill rhymes (ughhh)

tell me who you think spit better f-ck a contest
shiki drop bars casuals can’t process
stats and fans don’t lie that’s a d-mn fact
take a microscope to see where your plays at
i’m the last hope for the real deal spitters
fake otakus just stay on ani-twitter
y’all been drowned in my flow like a river
b-tch n-ggas hate ’cause they can’t get bigger (ahhhh)