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shock therapy (emm, nicko & k9) – maxx pain lyrics


verse 1:

i’m the beast behind the mic
i k!ll a n-gga
and leave his place bl–dy like a period
after menstruation
i’m feeling myself, like a n-gga m-st-rbating
i never go wrong, i’m like scientific calculations
i throw my playstation in the air, you can say my game is fly
my facial expression pokes a n-gga.. you can say my poker-face
no lie, i lethal
k!ll a n-gga very slow
“and it goes.. really.. slow”
everytime i show up, i bring a shock therapy
i don’t follow my heart because sometimes it skips a beat
i drop my sh-t inside a church, you can call it holy sh-t
i flush my faeces in the toilet
i don’t give a sh-t n-gga!

listen to my n-gga, emm

verse 2:

get yo fork and knife, let me give you food for thought
i don’t got to say a word, i juss let my music talk
while you smoke weed to get creative, i juss need to get p-ssed off
on the mic like i took v–gr-, i never get soft
my att-tude is fresh from the freezer, dude i’m so cool
i’m that n-gga to grab the hands of time, gave him a tattoo
my brain is on the finish line, yes i’m thinking ahead
we so heavenly divine
we got mother nature opening her legs
i’m hungry for success, so you can keep yo bread
i bring heat like i stole flame from the devil
i have cyphers with god, my sk!ll is on another level
i got a receipt for anybody buyin my skelem
emm, nicko & k9
all these other cats are useless
we v12 engines ‘coz shock therapy is a powerful movement

verse 3:

i physically beat this beat up, b-tch no chemistry
you were born fake, your parents had s-x in small street
you b-tches too forward, ronaldhino’s t–th
looking in the mirror, ghad d-mn i wana be like me
i got 12 gun clocks, k!ll yo -ss a dozen times
shout out to thai-chi, that n-gga’s dope as a cocaine line
mike tyson in a single file – that’s a punchline
if my b-tch was pregnant witchu rappers, sh-t- straight abortion
what’s a beast without its canines? sh-t i’m that important
n-ggas say k9 you fly, told n-ggas i’m harry ported
when i show up rappers disappear, like they teleported
another k!ller verse, i’m preaching at a murder scene
yeah, i’m preaching at a murder scene

shock therapy!! bla!!