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showauf – smokewhenidrink lyrics



verse 1
smoke when i drink just to balance it out
thinking bout you but i’m thinking aloud
thats never good i apologize now
ain’t no telling what come out my mouth
ain’t no telling what shell do for clout
she said the top come with different routes
i said ok i’m with it now
fuck what u think, brain till she dumb
ima do numbers til i’m number one
smokin and drinking for something to do
i’ve had a few so i need a few
bringing her friends i’m hitting them too
told her the bread ain’t all i run through
i’m with your boo in the back of nobu
i can’t just booze gotta smoke with it too

drink when i smoke smoke when i drink
need what i want, want what i need

verse 2
drink in one hand with the other i toke
thinkin thats why its called second hand smoke
i cannot tell if i’m buzzed or i’m blowed
coming with hits, fuck coming up slow
i really ball with the way i get throwed
this is the show you don’t need a remote
and one more thing, b-tch i’m free when i’m thrower
and one, b-tch i’m free when i’m throwed
all i can hear is the loud
all i can hear is the crowd
all i can see is the clouds
all i can see is the clouds

drinking when i’m smokin
thats that rollin while u pourin
thats that drownin while u floating
put emotions into motion told her ima need a trojan!
mix it like a potion
thats that ice up in the oven do not spill on my rick owens b-tch