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shrappy – whos laughin now lyrics


[verse 1]
burst out like i own this,every moment,sippin’ locko wit my homies
feelinn’ good as h_ll but you haterz felling lonely.should i treat u wit some money
nor should i keep u wantin’uhh,but then ]hat’s all u good for.u say u rich just like them white
folks,is it true or was tht a joke,pusy n-gga cant even clear his thort
uh,i thought u had mean swagg,but were tht swagga at

u said u had stcks,and racks and racks on racks
u lied from_strach,nd a lie u cant take back
i knew u was a flaw nigaa who said u was hood,u had me
4 a minute, but now its all good
[verse 2]
u fake -ss n-gga,u made alot of mistakes, u said u was king,but now i took
ur place.u ol suck up m-th-fuc_ka u don f-cked up this time nd i aint letting u getta’
away with me commentin’ a crime.u was keepin’ eye on yo block____ dialy
coverin’ 4 yo n-ggas now u got to worry bout yo safety.dnt play me