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shtar – lights lyrics


[hook: dan isaacs]
lights shining bright
burning through the night
a message to the generation
just like the stars
sparkling in the skies for you
a light unto the nations

[verse 1: ori murray]
candlelight never seemed so bright
eight long nights after day-long fights
stay strong, life getcha down like the greeks
when they take our rights, you can take my life
but you can’t ever take my life
’cause it shines from a hope inside
that we draw from the one above
i can stand ’cause you hold me up
underdog, it’s unbelievable
world against us, it’s unachievable
ima give my best, it’s what i need to do
rise above nature, it’s what my people do

[bridge: ori murray]
oil gone and the world collapsing
darkness surrounds, i don’t know what’s happening
but i know one thing tonight
teach the world ’bout the candlelight


[verse 2: ori murray]
so how many years and how many tears
since that mighty greek empire put us to near
extinction, just for teaching rhyme and reason
believing my time is like a diamond, meaning
there’s more to this world than meets the eye
we didn’t see eye to eye, they decreed we die
we believed we might, took to street to fight
if you know what you live for, you’ll bleed for life
it was the strong against the meek
it was impure against the clean
it was the vast against the few
and as we look back in time, ain’t nothing new, it’s like


[hook 2x]