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sid, 016mostwanted – motto lyrics



i live my motto

got to get it how i know

work the streets

and i tell her “make it wobble”

“make it shake for your daddy like a bobble-head

make it quake for your daddy” that’s until i’m dead


rockstar lifestyle, only thing i know

live today, say f-ck tomorrow!

that’s the motto, only thing that i know

live today, say f-ck tomorrow!

i’m too flyyy, to care bout what they think, (yeah) i know

you can throw shade, but you’re still in my shadow


i always go full throttle

if it’s nice then i’ll drink the whole bottle

f-ck yeah, i’m k!lling myself, i know

nothing can stop me, not even popo

call my momz like

“i’m not coming home tonight

staying over at my friends place

is it alright?”

“don’t you worry about anything ma, i’ll be okay”

just after i smoke my brain cells away

i see stars in the sky

i need head in a wraith

buy flower and alcohol, never buy face

homie lights up a f-g, too drunk to walk straight

with the way n-gg-s is drinking you would swear it’s a race

to the grave though

on the payphone

making sure i got jewels on my halo

bigger payload

drip thicker than mayo

night don’t end till the fat lady say so