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sierra brown – wake up lyrics


wake up (x2)
[verse 1]
there’s people talking
they talk about me
they know my name
they think they know everything
but they don’t know anything about me
[verse 2]
give me a dance floor
give me a dj
play me a record
forget what they say
cause i need to go
need to get away tonight
i know i make mistakes
i’m livin’ life day to day
it’s never really easy
but it’s okay (it’s okay)
wake up (x2)
on a saturday night
could be new york
maybe hollywood
london, paris, maybe tokyo
somethin’ goin’ on everywhere i go
tonight, tonight, yeah tonight
[verse 3]
the city’s restless
it’s all around me
people in motion
sick of all the same routines
and they need to go
need to go tonight
[verse 4]
i put my make-up on a saturday night
try to make it happen
try to make it all right
people all around you everywhere that you go
people all around they don’t really know you
everybody’s watching like it’s some kins of show
everybody’s watching but they don’t know you now…
and forever
chorus (x2)