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sik kid – my apology lyrics


[verse 1: sik kid]
my bad, tell me how did i lose this one
i felt i could of kissed this one
i lost my mind, i think i should get one
remember them times, when you stay up crying
and i’d text ya to call if things weren’t alright
id hear your problems, discover how to fix it
i told you only live once, and you would never get it
i mean you’d comprehend it, but see you wouldn’t let it
effect the way you live, and i always respected
i told you my problems, you’d get me through it
and if ya had a bad day, i’d get ya through it
i don’t know why we drifted, but i see how far were distant
now when i look in the mirror i see that something’s missing
i ask for forgiveness tho you didn’t expect it
and i didn’t ever get it, i know i’m unforgiven
i lost you girl
i lost your trust
and most importantly i’m the reason i lost us

i’m sorry
[verse 2: sik kid]
you hurt me…but i hurt you more
i called you right, you didn’t answer before
but right now it’s straight to voice mail
wanna leave a message. but im afraid that i might fail
and second off i doubt you wanna hear my voice
you gave me many chances, but i gave you a choice
god! i already know that i f-cked up
i feel like a f-ck up. good things f-cked up
how could something so right go so wrong
started with a fight, ended with me recording this song
i’m sorry i admit it, i know that i was wrong
tho i did what i did you managed to stay strong
i always admired your strength…
you were like my hero
but i stabbed you in the back. i went revealed yo
deepest darkest secret should’ve kept that to myself
now im lost in a big world searching for your hand for help


[outro: sik kid]
i’ll never forget you, i’ll never regret you
i’ll always protect you, when you come back
ill accept you…
yeah, lossing you taught me the greatest lesson
that life’s short, and you should on to your realest friendships
theres no fight that should ever end it
memorys are to be remembered please don’t forget it
i pray your life’s opens new doors
i pray you over come what you couldn’t before
i pray you don’t get lied to, everything stays true
i pray you don’t forget that ill always remember you