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silas – go lyrics


right now
its my time now
i gotta shine now
i gotta wild out
right now
by my side now
you in my house
so let me wild out
go (x5)
go (x5)
go (x5)
go (x5)
[verse 1]
run it back gotta find
lot of sh-t is on my mind
world ending traffic jam
money problem stuck in sand
what do you do i run it run it
like every summer i was hustling
and pushing budgets in mamas whip
and i confronted a lot of fronters
it made me wonder will i make it
or am i nothing
like what you f-cking got to do
to go and prove
that you the greatest and its true
i came with news of whos about to f-ckin blow
im going rogue and never show no f-ckin feelings
for you hoes and thats fasho
lot of the sh-t lot of the lies lot on my mind
living to kill living to thrill living to die
what you gon’ do? what you gon’ do?
when we gon’ find
money come through money come through
then you gon’ shine

[verse 2]
yo right now like right now bet i get it down
when she pipe down gotta switch the flow
and get nice now cause one night imma fill a crowd
go pack ‘em in like in n out
go pacquiao and knock em out
straight steph curry go shoot it out
like boyz n tha hood imma reel it out
i bounce that flow just grow up
hol up who got bread to roll up
hit that liquor store then po up
hope that popo never show up
and i got it i hit the lotto
with all these sonics and im honest
im kicking diamonds
this that motherf-ckin new age ebonics
so modest and i just shot it agh!
knowing imma make it straight taking no one is shaking agh!
maryland my home im on and be like basquiat!
all i got is pain ashamed that i dont love a lot
never do love never do pain never do sh-t
living so rough living so hard i just wanna quit
if yall just knew (yall just knew) what i just spit
im tryna find a way that i can make this go