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sillvz – plane trips lyrics


[verse 1]
ima keep it, honest
i don’t feel the love they show
i fell for it again, ima dummy, oh no
how i suppose to hold it down, if i’m always on road?
got me reachin, mind be geekin
when my eyes return close
it’s in my head
convinced that they don’t f-ck wit dude
all events that i attend and i’m not feeling comfortable
always out of place, feeling like i don’t belong
they tell me that i’m sick
but won’t ever repost a song, weird
can you bring the tester out?(bring it please)
most of these “stars” don’t shine right
me i stay in dark not excited by no lime light
these shades of grey get blast away
this little light gon’ shine bright

swear this time away will mind run astray
are you down to ride? or just here for display?
gone for months at a time i be busy really forget to call
think about you often but your story paints a ball

[verse 2]
you seem happy
i won’t bother you at all
hide whatever pain and tell em drop me at the mall
i get cuts and scr-pes and use them hundreds as some gauze
go and rock a smile like i don’t feel nothing at all (see)
when i’m hurting, turn these beats to my morphine
no i’m not no addict, but for music ima dope fiend
she said i need more green, sure i mean zeen
but sh-t don’t feel no better if my soul isn’t clean

[verse 3]
been working for a minute
but you don’t want it finished
cause in end we might be finished
as soon as i touch road this relationship diminished
its gone end so bitter, there’s no friends as far as this sh-t goes
but that’s a ok, i don’t feel no pain no way
i move like i’m bulletproof and don’t care if they spray my way
no play on my ones don’t need a soul to hold me
b-tch whatchu thought i prepared for this lonely