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sirens – gates lyrics


the line is drawn
you lie through teeth and dead eyes
if i’d have known, i’d be pulling knives from my back
why must i be the reciever?
why can’t i be dishing it out?
i hear your lies through gates and recievers
they’re not working anymore
as you meet your maker
walk through the gates and see your
running out
out of lies
running out
out of time
you seem to hurt those around you
turning decency into deception
the jokes on you
you will never again return to peace in your life of
the jokes on you, you will never again find an ounce of
peace in your life of h-ll.
you deserve the life you’ve got
you f-cked up and it’s all your fault
i won’t forget what you’ve done and the pain you’ve
the worst pain in the world is the pain that you feel
when your friends are gone
i hope you choke on words, don’t spill a drop
i hope you f-cking hate the life you’ve got.
who i am will always be who i am.
how can you even f-cking think that i would let this
slide again?
i’m moving onward
we’ll never speak again
the taste of your words on my tounge
tastes so much like betrayal
the last time in my life that i look like a fool for
the gates will open up and the depths of h-ll will
swallow you
in words and in text you spread lies and deceit
the life that you live will be yours to keep
reaching and grabbing at you from beneath
your words and your lies won’t allow you to breathe
through lessons and scriptures, you sow, you must reap
the gates of redemption will not let you sleep
and in time
your fate will be mine
your whole life
will be remembered as lies
you mean nothing to me
i’m everything that you’ll never be
you mean nothing to me
the gates swing open and you’ll find you’re
running out
out of lies
running out
out of time
i was trying to be
i was trying to be
i was trying to be
i was trying to be
your everything.