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skeeter davis – mama your big girl’s ’bout to cry lyrics


mama mama i need your help today
mama mama is there something you can say
you used to kiss the hurt away and brush the teardrops
from my eyes
now mama your big girl’s ’bout to cry.

mama he owned my heart and he possessed my soul
but then he wanted someone else he asked me to let him go
and every promise he made me turned out to be a lie
mama your big girl’s ’bout to cry.

when i was just a little girl i’d hurt myself at play
and then you’d take me on your lap and kiss the hurt

now mama i’ve got more hurt than my poor heart can take
mama mama do something for my sake
tell me what i’m gonna do without him by my side
mama your big girl’s ’bout to cry.

oh mama, your big girl’s ’bout to cry…