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sky (skybeats) – amazing lyrics


this is crazy!!..
(you’re out of order…)
and so what!?
(so you’re out of order…)
oke so what!?
(you’re out of order…)
and so what are you gonna do about it..!?
(you need to stop that..)
noo i don’t!!
(yes you do…)
no i don’t what the h-ll you gonna do, shoot me?!

i don’t really know what life is
i don’t really know why i’m like this
a n-gga wanna shine with the brightness
i wanna spend time with the nicest
i don’t wanna check no prices
i just wanna get that sh-t eh
i just wanna do my thing ah
really imma get that sh-t, yeh
and they don’t really get that sh-t
my n-gga imma wreck that sh-t
fake friend gotta check that sh-t
gotta say it with my chest and sh-t
me and all my n-ggas we connect and sh-t
respect that sh-t to the death and sh-t
feel like i don’t even wanna rest and sh-t
life’s a test and sh-t but i be blessed as sh-t cuz yo
y’all don’t know what i’m bout
might be one more song and i’m out
might be one more day and its done
i see regret is the cousin of doubt
and that’s why i don’t wanna waste my time
ya’ll n-ggas ain’t gonna stop my grind
i just wanna build and i just wanna climb and
i just wanna give wanna free my mind
yea i need the riches for me and mine
i’m making no wish it is by design
sh-t that we building we leave behind
for the next n-ggas see em all in line n-gga all in time n-gga

[hook 4x]
life is amazing
see how we aging
we dim and we faded
keeping it blazin
f-ck all the faking
i know we amazing

i’m talking about my son’s life!
and i’m talking about the lives of other black kids!
do what the h-ll you wanna do, go ahead but you can’t silence me!
you got ya d-mn silence gun out with the d-mn …….
but you are not gonna silence me!