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slade – the official boom bap murderer lyrics



these n-gg-s only lyrically buff when their muscles iz’ warm
you’re trying tug of the war?
tussle with strong
with tactical laws
and cl-ssical heavy force –
crack through the walls
smash you with all those who disobey the rule of the law

my mouth shot you
and i’ll shoot you before you try to pick a war
my boot to your jaw
soon as you saw me running with speed
you know that you need
prevention to bleed out
and you see the reason to breathe

because my words suffocating with the greatest of weight
mind in a state:
“erase whoever hates and bakes a cake for destruction”
you’ll hate when i start busting
words more with a force than a .45 caliber fly
and slide right into your mind
perfected the time
i packed the punch with the rhyme
attack the rest with murky words from my lines –
infect you cats, my verse is worse when aligned
with cross-hairs

the hot sauce
of course
remorse a rare resource
can just run across the street
you’re forcing me

to use the chemical weapon
of nova 7

while you’re looking left, right, left –
take a step walking straight to your death

i was born beyond the sk!ll of a bomb engineer
your mourning is here
in fact let’s grab a cat and show ’em the dog you fear
can’t compare

to the hound you dread
the wolf of the dead
men running with
something you cats fronting with

and that’s my lyrical sk!ll –
lyrically k!ll

i’m comparing my real sk!ll of my illness
to ‘idealness’

you heard of the:
official boom bap murderer