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slater 17k – no hook lyrics


i’m in the uber with a uzi
i’m just paranoid, people think i’m stupid
everywhere i go it’s like a movie, i ain’t got no cameras but i’m always shootin’
17 chopper gang pistol registered in my baby momma name
f-ck you gotta say, i just f-cked your b-tch on sat-rday, it’s thursday we keep it low key
like the bottom lock, i just bought a glock
drum magazine hold a lotta shots, gang n-gga, with some gang members
and we hoppin’ out the pot, lil bro keep that .30 on him he don’t gotta box
he just bought a chopper, boy you gotta stop
feds tappin’ n-ggas phones, lawyers beatin’ cases
ion even need an otter box
scope hit him from a long distance, duh dummy yeah we got them poles with us
chrome pistol pull up on a n-gga block, air it out shoot the wrong n-ggas
what you tryna do?
panda panda panda i ain’t talkin’ bout no chinese food
i got hammers pull up like some pampers
call your phone for ransom, tryna get my kids into private school
hop in the audi, choppers around me, we gon’ body somebody
you ain’t really bout it, stop rappin’ about it, you ain’t really count it
you ain’t shot no pole, you scary as f-ck, i stay with the gun
31 shots in the glock n-gga that’s a hollowtip for every day of the month
gang bangin’ with a gun, ak and a pump, 12 gauge in the back bout to boom like bangs in the trunk
slater baby i be high as f-ck and a white b-tch with me fine as h-ll
i believe you really trappin’ if you spend a couple hundred just to buy a scale
boy i’m swimmin’ in my b-tches p-ssy yeah i feel like michael phelps
double wrapped a package out of traffic n-gga just to hide the smell
i don’t give a f-ck about them j’s or your two designer belts
plug send a couple p’s, i’m just hopin’ 12 don’t find ’em in the mail
i’m just hopin’ they don’t indict me
i keep a pole in case a p-ssy n-gga wanna try me
shoot a n-gga shoot a n-gga, shot so many n-ggas feel like st. louis spike lee
do what you gotta do used to fight n-ggas now i’m packin’ tools
boy i’m high as f-ck like it’s a mountain view snapchat check my alt-tude
boy my weed is fruity and my phone is apple too
if you know me n-gga you know i’m gon’ shoot
easy hit me with a att-tude i don’t hear no bars n-gga i just hear a bunch of soft n-ggas singin’ in autotune
ain’t sh-t singin’ round me, n-gga that’s what the chopper do
ion need no love, i be off the drugs
pistol lil garbage can that i gotta dump
crips know me, and the bloods they all say what’s up
couple face tats don’t make you tough
ballin’ n-gga shout out to my fundamentals
if you shoot a n-gga hope you ready to go hunned witness down
all we do is hunneds put them 20’s down .40 with the 30 clip it’s stickin’ out