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slaughterhouse – all on me lyrics


all on me

you have a problem in the hood, you good, don’t ask what it’s gon’ be
cause if i’m by your side, don’t ride, put that all on me
cause you’re my brother, you safe when i’m around
my bread is yours, hit the safe when i’m around
cause, you can always call on me
your drama sh-t ever fall on me, just put it all on me

[verse 1: joell ortiz]
the only child feeling like a brother these days
i used to run my own race, now it’s a relay
so you can take it to the bank when ortiz stay
homie, you can have it your way when you’re in bk
it’s really hood where my peeps stay
i got lebrons with the arms, d-wades and let the heat spray
my n-gg-s, y’all triggers in the heartbeat
blood thicker than water, but we thicker than concrete
so say the word and i’m near
if it’s somewhere not near, i guess i’ll be in the air
or the next thing smoking, hoping it was a lear
so i can get there quick enough to get you in the clear
sitting here vibing, sipping on this clear
like d-mn i love you
grown -ss man, but i ain’t scared to hug you
we ride, i’m on the side like that man above you
put it all on me


[verse 2: joe budden]
know that i’m a give you my all, already proved it
anytime your back’s on the wall, i’m down to move it
og’s respect me, real n-gg-s honor me
got my bachelor’s in number scams in a con degree
f-ggots ain’t fond of me, frequent where the monsters be
loyalty comes first, guess i’m still an anomaly
always give you honesty, you gained that power
cause you down to stash the burner when you know it ain’t showered
we ain’t share a moms my n-gg-, we shared songs
they tried to raise the bail, i was there like the bonds
when your clientele got low, that was d-mned fine
without a speech i was the beach – brought you the tan line
this is a warning, they cramp yours, they cramp mine
we should’ve known if we’re both stars, who says we can’t align?
and even if we see a day we come apart
the rules is still john q, son can have my heart


[verse 3: crooked i]
you’re my n-gg- now, you’re in the l dot b dot
the home of the sticky jars, we own it the cities ours
we’re rolling in 50 cars patrolling them t-tty bars
spend 20 large in the semis, ready for any charge
we on some mobster sh-t
no “you and me” it’s ‘i and i’ we on some rasta sh-t roster sh-t
my a-alike, i say it like we on some conscious sh-t
rock your watches, i dare n-gg-s to rob your sh-t
cause it’s death before dishonor
our enemies best wear a vest when they step before piranhas, catch a heckler or llama
never protect you from the drama
cause i’m a be on point just like the edge of a katana
weapon wet you on my mama
from the east side to the city limits – we run it all
from the benji flipping to the pretty women – we’ve done it all
before n-gg-s was big as diggy simmons
and we still do so, if you with me then my n-gg- listen
to this intermission