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sleepi – let loose lyrics


[verse 1: rayftw]
f-ck your dreams, i’m martin luther with kama sutra
on the balcony, visions of what the wild can be
superficial and vile you see
my precision like alchemy
we living i’m bound to be
forever chase like tom, jerry
but on the contrary my pros and cons scary
go on fear me
premonition of dollar dreams
vision the scholar sees
infinite opulence and colosseums
spoken art apart of me
broken hearts, apologies
i’m just trying to make it to the apollo please
but they’re trying to slow us down like keanu reeves
bad pr-nunciation

[verse 2: sleepi]
i’m a fella who don’t really try to fit in
like the fitteds that i fit in
i’m on top and that’s a given
r-r-rap is my drive and i’m fairly driven
i guess i left the beat the opposite of living
capsizing fellas, man let the feeling sink in
cause we going in man
y’all coming second
now i int texan
but man i reckon
that i just spat a coffin for y’all to rest in
it is clear to see
rap is just another part of me
i do it better as a hobby that you do as a priority
probably better than the majority
who think that they can do this when actually they can’t but
they say its all mind over matter
really why should i mind if you do not matter
i am not one flatter a couple things you should gather
rather, i’m a just go and get myself a ladder
let loose on you fellas like i got a weak bladder
i’m going in like speedy vs a raptor
int saying you int an actor
just saying you an actor
we the ones ahead cause you clearly be coming after
rappers talking shh you clearly are just a sack of
garbage my flow so r-t-rded
while you making zs i’m always alert its
kinda my thing
bearing limited bling
to anybody listening
cfs is who we repping