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sleeping lions – smile lyrics


what do you expect me to do
i’ve spent this whole time
avoiding the truth
you know you’ve got me happy
you know you make me smile
another chance for us to kiss
and you might as well be mine
if only you could give me
a moment of your time.

and i knew that you’d be mine
from the first time i layed my eyes on you
and i know that we’d be true
just the thought of you
it makes me shy
and the sound of your voice
you know it’s no lie
that i want you to be mine.

what do you expect me to say
i spend my whole life
just wasting away
well you know you’ve got me speechless
you know that i’m in love
if you give me one more smile
then i’ll give you all my love
so we don’t need to leave this
all on a single hunch.

another month,
another barrier to break through
another line,
another chance to say i miss you
and through it all you know,
you know that i love you
and i know that we’d be true.

whisper you love me
oh, i can’t breathe
you mean everything to me