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sleepyboy homeless – self-sabotage ii lyrics


[verse 1: deviant]
i feel you washing over me
like icy water
got these chills all down my spine
lamb to the slaughter
i could see now i am blind
it’s not exactly what i wanted

i don’t wanna die
don’t wanna live without you
can we make it out alive
can’t breathe got you under my skin
you were there for me, there was no one else
i breathe you in like f-ck my health
you hit my veins, and i start to melt
you mean everything til i start to wilt
i’m falling down, descending
body shaking, depending
your glow so condescending
but what the f-ck was i expecting

my body so cold, ice in my lungs i’m barely breathing
my body so cold, what i would do to keep this feeling
all i ever wanted was your taste upon my tongue
if i could hold you here forever i’d forget the things you’ve done

[verse 2: sleepyboy homeless]
you’re the darkness under my eyes
take a drag, one sniff of that, one sip of that i’ll be fine
take it back, 10 years p-ssed and i failed a thousand times
i can never unwind until the poison enters my mind

giving away all my old dreams
coz i’m sacrificing the old me
f-ck camouflaging my self sabotaging
my life is becoming a pipe dream
might k!ll myself on a live stream
you probably think it’s unlikely
all that i know is i need you and you like to keep me in pain just to spite me

watch me give away every part of me
you’re poison in my lungs and it’s hard to breathe
f-ck a brighter day, there’s darkness in my dreams
i’ll throw my life away into the dark blue sea

i can’t live without you
can you take me with you?
won’t you teach me how to
live this life without you