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sleezy anti – harlequin’s intro lyrics


let’s tell a tale of the beast that resides
of the beast that lives even when he goes to die
he lives inside your dreams and the brain beyond your eyes
he’s the harlequin of mischief leader to your demise

b+tch i’m on my grind they know it’s my time
like ap and buss downs they know imma shine
i made some mistakes and committеd some crimes
ain’t on nickelodеon but i’m with slimes
i worship a deity pray to a goddddd
i’m eating these rappers i will never starve
just look at my resumé b+tches can’t resonate
dragging these b+tches like i was rupaul
my foot on your neck+ i just might break it+
f+ck up a check+ but pockets not vacant
she don’t do crack+ she might just do crevice
ain’t talking t.i but your n+gga taken
got your grandma at your funeral begging for your little life in it’s puniest fashion
meanwhile it’s 17th century and i’m moving food in the city ain’t talking bout rations, i’m him n+gga

down south bunnies
get you k!lled for your lunch money
down south bunnies
get you k!lled for your lunch money

i got sh+t on my chest like c+nts with breast
i’m riding these beats like i’m having s+x
the body’s a beacon these boys obsessed
i push on a b+tton and b+tches get pressed
my girls pull up and leaving a mess
my n+ggas pull up and don’t wear a vest
i’m winning these wars and traveling west
i carry vendettas and you might be next
body real bad n+ggas think i gotta body count
i might just pay the n+gga so you know i got a body count
i might pay a n+gga so you never get your body found
they looking for your body but the gag is the body drowned
it’s king nefertiti
on the board like a ouija
competition 2 dimension my n+ggas keep it 3d
imma scratch a n+gga block when i spin it like a cd
artificially intelligent these b+tches wanna be me
i’m the one your b+tch look up toooo
study my styles and lurk on my ig
just like a p+ssy we run throughhhhhhhhhh
like teliban my lil n+ggas hunt you
your n+gga said he liked finer thingsss
i’m looking pretty and calling your bluff
k!lling these girls with rhymes and tingz
beefing with broads is never enough
i like it when he buy diamond ringss
i got your body in back of a truckk
if i’m at the party then i’ll get lit
project x, baddest b+tch
rap better than all these n+ggas that made it
they mimic my talent that can’t be debated
i dont have an ego b+tch i am the greatest
i don’t want that n+gga i just want his savings
body on tour and it gets sold out
like city girls imma get flown out
if i’m at the party then i’ll get lit
project x
baddest b+tch