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smoke dza – achieve lyrics


[intro: smoke dza & pete rock]
this is dedicated to all them f-ck -ss lists you left me out
all them conversations ’bout new york
i wasn’t mentioned, like i moved or something
kushedgod, b-tch, the realest
uh huh, pete rock, smoke dza
right, soul brother number uno
let’s get it, homie
and you know
let’s go, dza

[verse: smoke dza & pete rock]
in a perfect world
kilos, gold ropes and
west coast link that f-ck with flights to bring the smoke in
b-tch from the ivory coast is cool to bring the dope in
serving n-ggas like it’s ’04, next to copeland’s on broadway
more money, more ways, the more cl1ckin’, the more waitin’
don’t be annoying, hittin’ my phone all day
they say you live and then you die, well n-gga
i done lived a million times, dead every night
sh-t this henny got me nice, got to fall before you fly
first to test landin’ then you expandin’
kick in the door, let the next man in (let the next man in)
(let me hear that) mom’s crib
saltfish, fresh bacon, some sweet plantains
cheers to getting money, i’m ted danson
n-gga been focused since i said hi to
more sh-t to get high to
more sl1ck bars i provide you
f-ck a crab that infiltrate, try to divide crews (i see you)
you say you balling but it’s biddy though
you know it’s f-cked up when sharkeisha get more hits than your video
f-ck a sadiddy ho
this that rap city flow, hit flex
let the city know, sh-t, by time you hear this
a n-gga will be up on -rs-nio
and i got many more
and many more (many more, many more)

[outro: smoke dza & pete rock]
yeah, let ’em know, smoke
don’t stop, kushedgod, b-tch
i was born february 8th, 1984
harlem hospital, third floor
know what i mean
mom dukes
pops, fresh from guyana and all that
came straight to harlem, how ironic
shout out my n-gga pete rock, funny sh-t
i remember i was about 19
i used to carry pete rock crates to get in the club
smoke weed with him and chill
and now i got a beat from this n-gga and it’s on my album
you know, just battling and sh-t, used to play ball
shout out to all the n-ggas i k!lled in morningside
mook, you know about that shot in the middle of the court
shout out to my n-gga numbas
smoking numbas, that’s my n-gga
been blessed to tour around the world
shout out all my fans all around the world
i love y’all just as much as y’all love me
i do this for y’all
shout out cinematics
shout out my brother, jonny shipes
to all them arguments that i had with jon
lord knows that sh-t made me stronger
lord knows that sh-t made me me
shout out my big bro shiffe bobs
city will always be purple
started rapping ‘cause of biggie smalls
shout out to my n-gga nymlo, one of my first rap partners
i remember when we was on 17th, n-gga said, “i got a rhyme”
i said, “what? i got a rhyme too, n-gga”
n-ggas went back and forth
that been my n-gga ever since, 180 days
(pete rock, smoke dza) you know
shout out mad siffles, the first time i was ever on tv
shout out to peter rosenberg
shout out to funk flex (shout out to cipha sounds)
shout out to y’all
shout out to carly hustle for believing
shout out to dj enuff
shout out to ebro
and i never change my name, n-gga
i never forget when i rocked on that summer jam stage
i came out in that white robe, they thought i was crazy
i told these n-ggas, “i’m at home, what’s up?”
shout out to 183rd
shout out to my n-gga, g
g da hounch
lighting up all them motherf-cking [?] and ’em sessions and all that
never forgotten, shout out my n-gga, brock
shout out dj dahi
shout out dj will gates
shout out my n-gga, ab-soul
shout out my motherf-cking brother, dom kennedy
for all them good talks we had about keeping this sh-t independent
shout out my little brother, joey bada$$
shout out pro era, everybody in pro era
rest in peace capital st–z, i miss you kid
shout out my brother, aaron reid
shout out sha money
shout out la reid
shout out sylvia rhone
shout out my n-gga, haleem, all my queens n-ggas
shout out dapper dan for all the talks for being a harlem n-gga
shout out my big brother dame dash for being a harlem n-gga
for showing a n-gga a lot of lanes
shout out my n-gga, k!lla cam, jim jones
shout out my n-gga, cut man
a dollar and a dream, n-gga, to the top
shout out my uncle dretty
drive around in that amber like getting high all day
how we get it up
shout out my n-gga fat troy, what up sly?
shout out john sparks
my n-gga rigo, pr
shout out kenny powers
everytime i go on the left coast, i get that pack, that pop corn bag
shout out my brother, burner
shout out chevy woods, ty dolla $ign
shout out my brother, jp, buddy
brothers for life, you know i’m here
shout out my bro, buju
shabba buju, that’s my n-gga
shout out my n-gga, vince
shout out my son, shad da god
that’s my little guy right there
shout out my bro, jackson
by the time you get home, you be hearing this
we be rolling and dog we gon’ be on our king of new york sh-t
do the king of new york dance when you get out that motherf-cker, true story
i think i’m ’bout to go get me a bussolino hat
we can be on our real nucky thompson, chalky white sh-t
shout out my n-gga, branson
shout out dj webstar
shout out thirstin howl the 3rd
meyhem lauren, all my low life n-ggas
shout out my n-gga, dutch
shout out my n-gga, sane
shout out gfc: god, family, culture
three words to live by
shout out my brother, nakim
shout out the quad
shout out calendar
shout out 40 oz van
shout out my n-gga, bodega bamz
shout out to ohla
shout out to the tanboys
shout out to my barber, bart, for keeping my hairline still a hairline
shout out to my n-gga, curtains
shout out my n-gga, mickey factz
shout out my n-gga, al-doe (bbm)
shout out my n-gga, mookie jones
my n-gga delorean
shout out slim thug, bun b, paul wall
shout out my n-gga, al two
shout out to my grandma and my grandpa
still around, kicking, giving a n-gga speeches
trying to make me rap like will smith
shout out my brother steve, you annoying motherf-cker
every day i know i could wake up 10:30, 11 o’clock
that phone ’bout to ring and i’m ’bout to get some motivational speech
shout out my brother, wayno, we off that c joint
shout out my road manager, brick flair, funny n-gga
shout out my n-gga, trademark da skydiver
shout out to philipe childs
shout out to my n-gga, florine
shout out wiz, spitta, k.r.i.t., my brothers
shout out harry fraud, my brother
shout out blunt smoker, my brother
you see me, you see him
shout out my brother, fat kirk
shout out aunty g-yle
rest in peace uncle kenny
shout out to nah right
shout out to 2dopeboyz
shout out to exclusive zone (rap radar)
shout out to everybody that believed in the kid
shout out to dan the man
shout out to international jones
shout out young roddy
shout out my brother, chase n. cashe
shout out c gutta
shout out action bronson
shout out a$ap
shout out vinny cha$e
shout out troy ave
shout out new york city
shout out mack wilds
shout out chinx, french, c0ke boys
and i’m up out of here
get money y’all
hold that