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snatch man & the pickle bois – make l0ve 2 me, br0ther lyrics


[verse 1: pickle boy 1]
have you ever felt like your life was adrift
like something’s always missing from the picture you envisioned
like you shoulda, woulda, coulda at any given moment
like you always brick the shot before the lonely stumble home
it hurts, darling
well i don’t know
but proximity ain’t no reason to be f+cking with these hoes
don’t trust ’em, oh i know
i’m the architect of every single little one of my woes
with a penchant for the ladies who’ll probably never date me
fellas welcome daily even if they hang like david
i don’t shame or pick favorites
to be honest, i can’t even taste the difference

[verse 2: pickle boy 4]
wiping up the mess, hand me the nearest swiffer
excusing your mistakes swifter than a rushing river
after i go splat, fiending for the mobile bat
then fall asleep dreaming of that very same cat
wishing i could be stronger
arms be a little longer
trying not to hesitate
but also trying not to squander
do i do it now or do i wait ’til tomorrow
do you have the time because i need some to borrow
make love to me brother, real love not required
if disappointing was a job, i’d for sure get hired
but in your arms all my problems seem to go away
so pretend like you love me and i’ll live to see another day