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sniq wellz – everybody dance lyrics lyrics


everybody dance, everybody dance now..
everybody dance, everybody dance now..
everybody dance, everybody dance now..
everybody just clap for the dj…×2

[verse1. sniq wellz]

when i hit the club err’body watch me
walkin’ up to ma n-ggas like im ice prince
you can drink up all you want dont be shy please
im like a hurricane tearin’ up the club miss
all these n-ggas talk, all these n-ggas talk yeh! never
fight back you can do what’yu want
coz baiby zero to zero we getin’ body to body
sniq wellz im the king, rappin’ on the beat
dancehall surgent, move ya body real quick
hustle for the floor like you really wanna own it
hollup..i gat a couple tricks
party from dawn coz we never goin home…..


[verse2. sniq wellz]

all day long i’ve just trynna be strong
i woke up in a minute like never before
my head just pounding took a few bottles
call it sip time…i reach out for a bottle haa
each and err’day we gon party hard
take a couple shots coz we love the party
jerk for the beat, alcohol snitch
tripple thumbs for ma g’s tell ur baiby im bad
gyal sidung, booty so nice shake it up
gyal sidung, press pon’it press pon’it tight
gyal sidung, hahah..coz im a rapper not a ragga m-ffin’ n-gga haaa…….


[verse3. sniq wellz]

twerk it like im up on it
jiggle like im up on it
make that booty shake baiby show me what’yu got for me
never going home coz i know it ain’t enough for me
lovin all the tricks baiby come and bruck it up on me
one two step baiby let me be ur guest
let me be the teacher imma show you all the best
dirty wine shake it low…n-ggas want beef cause she made it hard core
sippin on a drink like im poppin’ that c0ke
and the booty for ma scenes can’t be late for my turn
dj turn the music up
twerk it like im up on it, shake that booty baiby ain’t n0body gonna hate on us n-gga