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softheart - ​​calling slowly lyrics


i’m trapped in here
don’t fit into any side
don’t f+ck with humankind
it’s only you and i
i was yours and you were mine
she keeps counting reasons to k!ll me
i’m just bouncing, leaving with my dignity
in my brain i got the wrong chemicals
i don’t care if you don’t care
i don’t care, not at all
i don’t care if you would smash
honestly, i would just rather smash my against the wall
i won’t lie, i feel so lost, so let me rot with my face on keyboard
i’m just at home stoned and bored
but this last new ritual is finally working, i know
it just blew its charm
(casting magic)
find my trust in my palm
it points to the dark
(casting magic)
it calls to me loud
can you hear me calling, calling to you slowly?
come with me
please don’t talk to me, i might stab you to death
don’t want no entrails or blood on this dress
i keep this broken heart next to my breast
next to my breast that outfit is fresh on ink covered flesh
i’m outside, and you send the stupidest text
but after i wake up, my head is a mess
so much to do, but it doesn’t have to be finished, i just gotta start
for my next move, i’ll reach inside of my chest and i’ll pull out my heart
i really hope that my neighbors are cool
i’m barely making enough not to starve
used to look down on my life, but now i go out just to count all the stars
no matter what it’s okay and i love you
whatever it is i forgive you
life is too short to be angry
it’s nice here spending it with you

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