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son anthony – spring break lyrics


bled dry of any reason left to care
about the world and it’s despair while my world needs repairs
yo, my wheelhouse rotates at a rate to move my boat
so fast in the race i’m guaranteed that trophy
no hope here. only some tropes about life
like how i’m dying to live as we are living to die
tell me if you met someone forgiving as i
even so when i need a hug, i go and i get red lined
no adulation after crafting a page up
of imagination made up of a stature+sized rage
i am 5’8 but i feel like a giant
living up in the clouds amid the peace and the quiet

that’s what i will work toward
that’s what i am working for
all work no play makes me a dull boy

ahhhh spring break. it’s nice

86 the lowest thoughts
sigmund freud banter as i slip up what i meant to say
reveling what i’ve kept to myself
face bl++dy from the prey who was the slowest
i’m the snow below the polar bears toes and you know this
liquidate my patience by the minute
which should not come to surprise the reason why i’ve gone ballistic
listen. hear how the winds are changing over time
they were whistling so silently, entirely calm
we were used to slight stirs. no emergency trials
all it takes is sudden change to make it breathe more violent
and i love that
dangerous changes from an otherwise boring type of a life
that i’m sure was accidental
i’m here to wax poetic until i’m under arrest
from a cardiac attack where i’m clutching my chest
if it happens just let me be
don’t panic
heaven knows that i’m in need of the rest