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son of aurelius – olympus is forgotten lyrics


[music written by spencer edwards, words written by josh miller]

the fall of an empire once ruled over nations
the strongest most ruthless, seemed none would stand
in their way, armies made up of millions
each roman warrior knowledge of battle is unmatched
generals victories, laying waste to the foes
sacrifice and growing daily, continue to expand
lasting throughout the ages most powerful
of nations, none would dare to oppose them,
kings and ruler would kneel pledge allegiance to caesar
but in the blink of an eye it was no more, barbarian invasion
numbers were unseen lacking in tactics, execute any stand in their way,
lack of all, honor brutal in nature mercy
unknown to the savages cutting deep into rome coupled with the rule of a madman,
ignorant in his reign
depleting the nations wealth all order is lost
every single man for himself
olympus is forgotten relics all that remain
zeus sits watching helpless crying upon his crumbled throne.