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sonny burgess – it must have been somethin’ i said lyrics


everyone said she was out of my league
she would never fall for a guy like me
her daddy had money, her mama had cl-ss
said i’d need a foriegn car, and a pocket full of cash
but, i won her heart with 20 bucks
a 9 o’clock show and an ugly truck
there were no violins
no candle light, like there should’ve been
no red wine, to go to her head
so it must’ve been something i said
it must’ve been something i said
i can’t explain what happened that night
there’s nothing romantic ’bout burgers and fries

but we wound up sittin’ on my tailgate
singing alabama songs, skippin’ rocks on the lake
i carved her name in a cottonwood tree
next thing i knew, she was kissing me
why she did is still a mystery
repeat chorus
we talked about the moon
talked about milkshakes
earthquakes and old cartoons
i told her my dreams
she talked about the weather
i said i thought that love should last forever
repeat chorus
it must’ve been something i said
it had to be something i said