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sou – renai saiban lyrics


oh! no! no! no!
how could i be so blind? you know
that you’re my whole world

i couldn’t bare to watch you go
please show some mercy in your distant tone
if you were gone, i’d probably die cold and alone

oh! jesus!
don’t look at me that way! you see
i’ll change and become the guy you wanted me to be
so please show some mercy on this death row seat
begging to overlook this one thing

the perfect crime at the perfect time
you know my alibi is tight, it’s no lie
but once again i know i couldn’t win
you’re not easy to trick, now are you? no! no! no!

starting today, i’ll be tried for all my love crimes
how many could there be? i don’t wanna know
my closing statements, my tear filled list of regrets
you looked at me, finding in your heart
that i was guilty

oh! no! no! no!
i’ve really screwed up this time! you know
if you wanna leave me, be the one to let me go
please show some mercy with your hands and throw
me from the cliff into the darkness all below

oh! jesus!
you really got me this time! you see
i’m caught in the spotlight with a smoking gun on me
please show some mercy under lock and key
but can’t complain, i guess there’s worse things

it’s me not you, way too different views
that one mistake, i thought no way i could lose
but now i see that you’re not coming back
you’ll never let it go and so i know that… i couldn’t say a thing

what kind of perfect love crime
would make us both cry?
it hurts even more til we just can’t ignore
the one who gave love, and one that can’t get enough
we’re both to blame and always weighing
our feelings every day

guilty aren’t i? of all my love crimes
how many could there be? i don’t wanna know
with no parole, i’ll be here maybe 10 to life
so til i die, i will protect and serve by your side

sure, i’ve been tried for all my love crimes
but learned that a judge does it all out of love
held me tightly, you cried so unnaturally
looked up at me but you were smiling
i knew instantly…