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soulja boy – kingpin beezy lyrics


well if it isn’t mr. beezy the kingpin
riding down my hood, in that yellow crown vet
all my n-gg-s know that i got the benz
i ‘on want them n-gg-s know what i’m reppin b-tch
same sh-t, n-gg- it’s a majesty
on that f-ckin hood, n-gg- rest in peace to eazy e
lil soulja b, aka s.beezy
ridin’ through my trap
making it look so d-mn easy
my pockets looking lovely
n-gg-s on that paper chase
caked up soulja boy, all about that grape swisher
i broke it down
n-gg- up in my town we gettin’ high
n-gg- know what it is
n-gg- do or die
young -ss beezy on that motherf-ckin paper chase
everytime i ride, you know ima get it straight
n-gg-s don’t know bout that motherf-ckin weapon
come thru on your -ss, when i tote that smith-n-westin
in the mothaf-ckin club, show me love
they pouring up and playing all my music
sod anthem, it’s a party
hoes on my d-ck, that’s whats up
soulja boy tell ’em with that lean in my cup
double cup
hold me up
bottles of rozay
she say she like that ciroc, that vodka
that’s okay with me
lil dre, i’ma rep it how i post up
n-gg-s know what the f-ck, empty tag on that old school
n-gg- f-ckin up that pro tools
no [?]
n-gg-s show me love when they see me on that slap
young soulja boy, n-gg- know i’m goin in
young -ss n-gg- mane, came for the win
young -ss n-gg- in this mothaf-ckin blow
you can’t trust these f-ckin hoes, they will put you out
have you lookin crazy for that mothaf-ckin doe
have you lookin crazy n-gg-
you cant trust them ladies n-gg-
better tote your pistol
n-gg-s out to get you
ridin with that tinted windows, n-gg- watch your spinners
underneath the pillow, where the dope at
police tryin to slow me up
ridin thru my park like
“n-gg- what the f-ck”
bustin at me, he’s a b-tch so i hit the po
n-gg- knows whats up, i’m f-ckin with the whole crew
duffle bag birds in that back of that trunk
i don’t hope i get caught, so i’m toting up the pump
n-gg-s know whats up
i’m lucky.
ridin thru my hood, police can’t touch me
everywhere i go n-gg-, i’m looking so clean
red carpet on that shades, sippin on promynthazine
young n-gg- on that paper chase, bout his f-ckin doe
everybody know, i got it for the low
its that young -ss n-gg- reppin sod gang
s.beezy just another day, all up on that paper chase
young n-gg- pulled up and the hoes was on his c-ck
he had to watch out for them haters and them crooked cops
them n-gg-s want to see you down when you doing good
got a million in the bank, well that’s all good
they want to see you fall, they want to bust your -ss
in my hood, ain’t no love for your snitch -ss
n-gg- keep your mouth closed about that business
in the mothaf-ckin street, n-gg- please pay attention
i’m all about my love, show trust
loyalty, with my f-ckin 9 i will bust
n-gg- know sod, don’t f-ck with us
all about that paper chase
my n-gg-, we go gettas mane
you knowin where i’m at
basefield, mississippi
got a couple real -ss goons, and they with me
reppin this sh-t 4 life, loyalty
n-gg- i’m in beast mode, sticking in the streets
it’s that love with that g-code
stuck it in, my partna did it big
7 years, i shed a lot of tears
young -ss n-gg- mane, all out that f-ckin bag
70k cash, why would i laugh
ima kick this sh-t, really
its like i’m spitting life’s facts
true story, you know about me
i climax
n-gg-s know i spit that real sh-t to the fiends
i’m a mothaf-ckin king, like a fell out a f-ckin dream
r.i.p eazy e

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