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south central cartel – lil knucklehead lyrics


[ prode’je ]
south central’s back in this m-th-f-cka for the big nine-three
dedicatin this to all you little young n-gg-s

[ verse 1: prode’je ]
used to be my little homie from the hood when i came up
chillin with the gee’s, slinging ki’s, tryin to clock bucks
be a role-model when the locs wear the nine strapped
didn’t even think about the fact you were b-m-rapped
livin in the s-c 12 tryin to figure it out
should i go to school, learn the rules, or should i drop out?
maybe i was blind, in a way i was ignorant
little knucklehead from my hood was still innocent
coulda said, “loc, what i’m doin ain’t the way for you
you should go to school, get a job and you’ll make it through”
but i didn’t do it, i was flippin tryin to be the one
rollin in a 6-4 plushed on them things with b-mps
used to kick you down everyday, cause i had it, loc
let you hit the bud’ now and then, it was like a joke
you were goin down, then your mother tried to talk to me
but i was playin dumb and said i didn’t even know you, gee
6 months later after doin 2 in county blues
saw you at the park, khaki’d down, hanging with the fools
smokin e.t., talkin about some drive-by
lil knucklehead from my hood on a hoo-ride

a little knucklehead n-gg-
just a knucklehead n-gg- from my hood, loc
yeah a little n-gg- from my hood
little n-gg-s
slow your roll, soldiers
word up

[ verse 2: prode’je ]
now you’re from the hood and you’re running with the baby locs
claimin rap-mob, slingin dope, and you’re never broke
got your own 9, and it’s smokin every single night
now i got the word from the streets, and it’s nighty-night
lil knucklehead from my hood on the downslide
tryin to be the one, my n-gg- tryin to make it up high
coulda told him this is nothing, coulda said him straight then
now he’s tryin to bang, and somebody’s gonna smoke him
6 months later 13, and a menace now
got a little juice as we chill with the pot crowd
gettin f-cked up off the e.t. and st. ides
tellin me that i’m the n-gg- that he used to idolize
now you’re like me, little n-gg-
better keep your finger on the trigger
or it’s 6 feet, little n-gg-
cause on the slab it’s a trip, and if you slip, you’re a sleeper
but i’ma be my little brother’s keeper
put him in the spot, let him clock notch
tryin to keep him safe from the 9s and the 12-gauge buckshots
but one day my n-gg- tripped
i caught him with a pipe in his mouth, and i flipped
knucklehead n-gg- goin down in the hood, and it’s bad for my business
so i had to just dismiss
now he’s back on the block
2 months later little loc got shot
2 in the dome by a fool that he jacked for a m-th-f-ckin quarter
i guess times got harder

my little knucklehead n-gg-
just a knucklehead n-gg- from my hood
what’s up with all that sh-t, n-gg-?
slow your roll
yeah, yeah, yeah
>from my hood
my little n-gg-s from the hood