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south central cartel – no peace lyrics


[verse 1: prodeje]
hanging on the back streets chilling with the o.g’s
s.c to the grave and it’s on for the o.z
young brothers wanna run up, better put ya guns up
might just get ya punk -ss gunned up
cartel ain’t trippin’, guys never slippin’
when all the b.g’s start liftin’
where you from fool it’s the same gang
buck buck from the nines everyday it’s the same thang

[verse 2: young prodeje]
raised up on the south central blocks
no p.e.a.c.e from another glock
as i move from the m.u.r.d-er squad
freeze up g’s up, gangstas living hard
young prod don’t slow down
the old fashioned hold down
roadies and moonkies so why should i stop now
right now i’m on top and don’t wanna fall
no peace on my streets so that makes it hard

[verse 3: havikk the rhime son]
i keep my glock-glock c-cked, as i bail down yo’ block, buck
seventeen shots, booya.. 187 dropped death row fool on the solo
khakis on yayo, where you from, hav? – south central
trizip the rizip cause i
g-slide as rewind the westside you die
no peace
as i clump, run punk, it’s a smoke
g’z rule the street, really though, i’m a loc
as a crip to a blood and a blood to a crip
get yo’ -ss straight ripped by the squad if you set trip, fool

[verse 4: ice-t]
i’ve been weighed down for a long time
long crime, long ends, long cash, you talking ’bout mine
kid, you did a bid and you came home c-ck deep
you 23 baby, boy you’re talking bout o.g
i’m 34 i used gats to score
gag and tying hoe’s in the backs of jewellery stores
g-ride i’m talking ’bout 2 thugs you knew
1 to rock and 1 to ride to the crew
but now they both wanna flip the sentric
it ain’t even bloods, it’s straight crips k!lling crips

[verse 5: powerlord jel]
lord jel ain’t never gonna cease
’cause i get my peace like shooting from the back seat
when i’m in my ride i’m coming out to get ya jumps
power lords packin’ 50 rounds for you little punks
when it’s on you hear my crew coming through
won’t be in red no a brother that’s wearing blue
’cause i just flex and break necks
’cause my sets all mexican so don’t forget

they don’t want no peace for a brother
the brothers in the streets don’t want no peace
they don’t want no peace for a brother
the brothers in the streets don’t want no peace

[verse 6: spice 1]
smokin’ up on a bong, i did my time tryin’ not to be a felon
tryna keep my crew like an o.g, but fools yellin’
oh what should i do?
cause it’s a buster in the crowd talkin’ bad ’bout my whole crew
i’m ready to do a walk-by at my own show
all these fools in the audience ’cause they don’t know
how to act and enjoy they’self
so let them pigs come along and destroy the set
smokin’ them rocks i gotta carry a nine
cause n-ggas that want no peace wanna jack for mine
so i’m a g like this song
so i take a gangster hit from the bong
and parlay

[verse 7:ant banks]
they don’t want no peace so i’ma pack a piece
rollin’ way deep in the cut on the back streets
mobbin’ with my homies, everybody’s strapped
cause there’s always a fool tryna peel ya cap
but in oakland, they ain’t really tripping on the blue or the red
just get caught slippin’ catch two to the head
they don’t want peace man they want funk
so let it jump, young punk, we gon’ pop the trunk
and let freedom reign like it should be
20 years in the pen, it’s all good g
now what i’m sayin’ is you don’t have to fade ya brother
just be a g, stop goin’ out, like it sucks

[verse 8: boss]
it’s that b-tch lich-lle b-o to the double dollar sign
they don’t want no peace at the g, only dollar minds
a 9mm, but then again i’ll be packin’ all sorts of clips
roll up and shoot ya on your own front porch and trip
it’s unfortunate to hit the rules of survival
look at the smokin’ for that sucker gets to be a rival
the psycho p-ssing rocks, get my k!ll on, beef is still on
and what i think is that you picked the wrong -ss chick for a peace song
get up outta doge if step into the murder squad for the 94
bring it on face to face before i step out,i’m leavin’ a shout out to the organization

[verse 9: treach]
yo p.e.a.c.e some kid gone did slipped down a razor blade
and landed in an alcohol river
now that -ss is a trouble i sell a lie with a trigger
cliches to get b-tches a new day and new way
some other motherf-cker with the new say
the lesser rising brothers got no kinda thang
forget running our hoods our hoods are running f-cking banks
it’s stolen tanks, part rolling think that thing that stank
looking away, you think we ain’t
this is a k!ller cali rally in the east coast connection
invasion taking over this nation
this stolen country had better get real before our kids start practicing drive-by’s on big wheels

the brothers in the street don’t want no… (peace)