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​spacewalkjones – cl4y lyrics


where do you go and hide?
i’m just tryna get through

why are you so hard to find
when we’re in the same room?

i can’t do this again
and leave it all up to you

feel like i missed out on the best parts
sitting in friends cars

finish your drink and drive back
i need you home safe
i need to stop fighting the words

i could’ve showed up when i didn’t
and cried the tears with you
and slept with you flat on the earth

it’s like i just don’t know how to get close now
everything changed in a year in a blur

and i felt alone and put pieces of home in good peoplе who know how bad it can hurt

it’s beautiful to me how your skin feels so bittersweet
on minе
feels like i’m always leaving someone i need behind
she’s in my head she’s in each line i know you probably see right through
she breaks my heart she makes it drop i know it all gets back to you

just prove me wrong i held my tongue
riding round drunk in the backseat

she broke my guard she’s all i want
but i’m too closed off to be there for you