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speed on the beat – now what? lyrics


[verse one: speed on the beat]

now what? i’m done, i’ve done all i need
with this music biz, so i can finally sleep
or rather let these beats sleep, they’ve suffered enough
since i started this back up again in 2001
plus 10 years, i’ve probably shed ten tears
crystalized to the point they’d shear through your fears
it’s clear that you’re trying to queer
my triumphant return to the gen pop of this year-
obsessed society, i’m probably part of this
considering i said on s4 i’d quit by 27
and since i’m 27, i guess that means a reverend
is gonna send sotb to heaven and return my real name?
yeah, that’s right, the same old mister speed on the beat…
that k!lled all of these beats is the guy on your street
in flip-flops and hoodies, since i don’t give a d-mn
about appeasing to anyone, whether woman or man
now what, i guess they wanna know
where do the journeys of speed continue after the beat slows?
to raising the future, remember those songs about seeds?
i’ve got two and they need a dad, not a rap fiend
music has helped me get where i’m at
but where i want to be? surp-sses all of that
and my mom, she didn’t raise me to just drop the beats
regardless my sk!ll with the boards, i think it’s gotta cease
so with that, i bid you all adieu
speed’s finally finishing up that journey from school
from treeka baylor-laced tunes to juke joints going boo
to producing tracks for true, to blowing up the moon
to bipolar episodes and hospital rooms
to losing my dad, my cuz, grand, and my mama too
to doing things with people more established than the dude
i’m finally free, i’m finally done all i can do
or rather all i’ve wanted to, i got my buzz
i got my bucks, and i got my point across
that anyone can do whatever they want to do
as long as they work at it and never leave the room
of hope, to tumble down despair’s alley
and the payoff? great, but more goals surround me…
and by the way, “queer” isn’t just some type of word
used to describe a non-binary boy or girl
so, before you get glaad on me, read a dictionary
i’m finally getting more use out of that english degree
i love all people, and apologies
if you got offended by my unhinging, but sometimes it’s need
-ed to blow off a bit of steam
so goodbye, maybe forever, we’ll see…
but just remember, please be a king
keep integrity never guises in this thing
and remember just take life slow
though your number may get called ‘fore the show goes on
but please just take it slow
savor the thing, because it’s over before you know it…

[outro: speed on the beat]
now what? honestly, man? i don’t know. we’ll see…