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spike – may not be the end lyrics


wakin’ up in a dream
and n-body’s listenin’
reachin out for the fame
everybody’s all the same

thinkin’ how we could change
this only world we’re livin’ in

searchin’ for the right thing
cuz’ i think i’m goin’ insane
oh! i guess it’s the end
in the road i’ve been travelin’

cuz’ it feels like
everyone is dyin’
from the pain of cryin’

let’s shout it!
hand in hand we reach for the aim
this is why we’re livin’ in
happy ending may not be the end
so just can’t i have a dream

let’s take the chance!
show the part of you that you’ve been hidin’
this is why we’re living in
happy ending may not be the end
let’s just keep on tryin’~

ohh. yeah…