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splinta – still bleeding lyrics


stress got me smoking on a cone, getting all up in my zone
when i didn’t have no money i didn’t get no favours i was broke
i was sleeping on a bench, nowhere to call my home
all i had to do was write these f+cking lyrics in my phone
and i been trying i been tryin, f+ck trap and bow tieing
name is daniel i been in that den with all these lions
no paper plane flying, pain got me deep sighing
see me crying cuz i know i gotta keep trying
tryna run me up some figures, but i don’t trust these b+tches
my heart has been frozen at times but am still reminiscing
women have got no remorsе, there heart is likе a f+cking blizzard
went and left him on his own and said she don’t wanna be with him
it’s like she wanna fly but she just can’t she’s like a chicken
want’s attention from man that doesn’t want no other women
she got a man but he busy chasing them figures
someone shows her some effection and she drop her f+cking knickers

good looking guy, sharp trim and blinging with ice
yeah he can see the vunuable look that she had in her eye
she already jumping in his car nar she ain’t thinking i might
she feels degraded because noone ain’t been treating her right
driving round the city in his car feeling all nice
she feeling happier then she’s ever been in her life
he finished intercourse and now the guy ain’t being so nice
kicked her out the car, in the dark and he left her to cry
and now her ex he doesn’t wanna talk cuz he don’t even wanna war
faces he don’t wanna see but every time he think of yours
his hands and face they hit the floor, wanna say he love you
but he can’t cuz he don’t anymore, he puffing watching henny pour
your bed lady men will tell you anything to get in yours
club and partying is not the life i’ll rather stay indoors
even your own shadow leaves you when it’s dark you miss it more
your life is borrowed even the own breath you breathe it isn’t yours
still waking up depressed am still stressed but still trying
still tryna get this bread with no paper plane flying