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spoonboy – fireball or “what i learned from tv” lyrics


we’ve got this burning fascination with non-verbal communication
just trying to figure out all things that are being said, in between what’s being said
we got a formal education of bad entertainment and misinformation
though by now i think we’ve figured out what’s real
not like those people on the tv, no they’re nothing like me
that’s not reality, it’s just what we’re shown
but try and tell me when i’m fourteen and all the things i’d see
what i learned from the tv is what i believed
and it’s all, just a fireball, burning up and up up and all around
and they see insecurity as a seed to sew to be exploited
tv told me: “lose my virginity, hop to the beat boy, you’re almost sixteen
take with you always a flare for the dramatic, don’t kiss boys that makes you a f-ggot”
there will be things to be confused about
we’re kids all across the country all across confused
but it’s weird to think about before we figured it all out
when it went on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on…